the hard return

she left him.she was indulged with love.she had forgotten him to be with the one she love.and she left the boy all alone to mend the broken heart.she has forgotten all about him.she left him with no words.one day out of the blue,call him to say she miss the other guy.maybe the boy was wrong to tell what he feels,but is it wrong to like person? boy doesn't expect anything but help to sort everything that is messy in his heart from the girl.but the girl was too busy needing some one else.the girl forgotten the boy.she left him without a word.she left him for the the three little words.she left the boy who risk it all for her.she left him when he needed her.he was broken hearted for she leaves him the time he needed her the most just because she founded someone better.what would all those vows means.just some words.

now she wants him back as normal.what would u say..?

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